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Here you can listen to some music I´ve made for various projects. Have fun!

Tribal Wars 2

by Innogames

Medieval Strategy MMO

In Tribal wars 2 I worked with several live-musicians (harp, violin, guitar) to create an even more realistic medieval music-experience.

Music I composed for "Tribal Wars 2"

  1. Raise your weapons
  2. Nightfall


by Realmforge / Kalypso media

Vampire stealth action with RPG Elements for Xbox 360/ PC

In “Dark” I combined subtle string-beds with hybrid synth-textures to create a mysterious yet futuristic atmosphere. Modern industrial-like percussions support the action.

The Dark Eye - Memoria

by Daedalic Entertainment

Sequel to The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav.

Memoria is the sequel to Chains of Satinav. The story takes us to faraway places and eras long forgotten. Thus the soundtrack is less tragic but more adventurous and epic – with a mysterious vibe.


by Daedalic Entertainment

Strategy-RPG in the world of The Dark Eye for PC

In Blackguards you visit many different countries and parts of Aventuria. I therefore used lots of different instruments from all over the world to reflect the various regions.


by Screendepartment

Dark SciFi-Arcade-Shooter for iOS

This game is yet to come, so make sure you don´t miss it!

In this Sci-Fi-Horror score I combined epic orchestral melodies with disturbing electronic sounds. It was a lot of fun to create a sinister and merciless mood using deep piano-knocks and ultra-low brass.

Music I composed for "Stingout"

  1. Stingout
  2. End Credits


by GoodGameStudios

Music for Dynamedion. Multiplayer farm-management browser-game

By order of Dynamedion I composed the music for Goodgame´s online farm simulation Bigfarm. The game not only has more than 20 million players, the music is also featured in their official game-trailer and aired on german major TV. Playing all those instruments, especially the banjo, was a lot of fun!

Music I composed for "BigFarm"

  1. BigFarm

Blood Knights

by DECK13 Interactive GmbH

Action RPGfor Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC

By order of Dynamedion I composed a track for this gory Vampire-Hack ´n Slay. My music accompanies the scenes in an old town in the mountains called “Godskeep”. This town is a safe haven from the demonic threats outside.

Music I composed for "Blood Knights"

  1. Goodskeep

Risen 2: Dark Waters

by Piranha Bytes / Deep Silver

Additional Music for Dynamedion. Fantasy-RPG for Xbox 360/ PS3 /PC

By order of Dynamedion I composed several tracks for Piranha Byte´s Risen2. Each track has two different layers that can crossfade seamlessly to support the gameplay. You can hear me playing the guitar on the “Kaldera”-Tracks.

Music I composed for "Risen 2"

  1. The Temple
  2. Kaldera
  3. Kaldera Fight


by Realmforge/ Kalypso media

Fantasy / real-time strategy for PC

The music for the Maya-temple is dark and mysterious, featuring ethnic flutes, choirs and massive percussions. For the hellfire-level I combined classic orchestral textures with sinister male choirs to create an evil and disturbing feel. Each song comes with two different layers so the music can follow the gameplay in a dynamic way.

Music I composed for "Dugeons"

  1. Hellspire Ravens
  2. Hidden in the Swamp
  3. Awaking the Abyss

The Dark Eye - Chains of Satinav

by Daedalic Entretainment / Deep Silver

Fantasy-point-and-click-Adventure for PC

In this gloomy fairytale the music accompanies Geron and Nuri on their journey through Aventuria. If they can´t prevent the evil seer from gaining power again, Andergast is bound to descend into endless winter.

As lead composer I created the themes for the different locations and characters and also composed about 80% of the score.

Music I composed for "The Dark Eye"

  1. End Credits
  2. Secrets of the Harp
  3. Andergast
  4. Chains ofSatinav


by AddMore Games

Puzzle Adventure for XBOX 360

Now that was fun! This game gave me the opportunity to go wild on the guitar. Being the background-music to a cute and funny multi-player arcade-shooter it transports a lot of energy. Beware, there´s some serious shredding-action going on!

Music I composed for "ToyBorgs"

  1. Riding Rockets
  2. High Seas of Gasoline
  3. Desert Showdown

A New Beginning

by Daedalic Entretainment

Cinematic interactive eco-thriller for PC

This game was awarded the “German Developers Award 2010 – Best Soundtrack” to.

I composed about 70% of the music, additional themes were provided by several other composers. The style is a mixture between sci-fi-elements and colorful orchestral scoring.

Music I composed for "A New Beginning"

  1. A new Beginning
  2. The Phoenix Plan
  3. The Arrival


by Paradox Interactive

Feudal Japanese Strategy RPG for PC

The game takes place in the feudal Japan. Therefore I made heavy use of traditional Japanese Instruments like the Taiko-ensemble, the Koto, the Shamisen and the Shakuhachi. Also japanese music requires the use of certain scales and harmonic clichés to sound authentic.

I composed about 1/3 of the game-soundtrack.

Skylancer: Treasure Island

by Chimera

Fantasy-Adventure for iOS

The adventure begins! An optimistic orchestral piece adding sound to a breathtaking journey through the skies.

Music I composed for "Skylancer"

  1. Skylancer


by Lunaland / Wolkenlenker UG

Interactive children´s game for iOS

For this cute app in the style of a children´s storybook I composed a warm and friendly track in the style of a renaissance lute-piece.

Music I composed for "Wimmelburg"

  1. Carl Castle

Night of Joeanne

by Sluggerfly

Survival-Horror in old mansion.

For this blood-freezing survival-horror-game I composed a haunting piano-theme and a suspenseful ingame-track. As the game takes place in the 1930s, I created an old and dusty mood featuring a muffled piano and soft, creepy strings.

Music I composed for "Night of Joeanne"

  1. Night of Joeanne
  2. The Mansion