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Dominik Morgenroth is a professional composer for Games&Media.

Dominik started to play the guitar at the age of 10 and soon became obsessed with music, especially Rock and Metal. During the following years he devoted himself to hours of practice and played his first shows with local underground bands. At the same time, Dominik discovered the beauty of classical music and started to take piano lessons.

In the late 90´s Dominik made his first steps in the exciting world of Home-Recording. He was so fascinated by the creative possibilities of arranging, sequencing and mixing that he decided to study Audio-Engineering at the SAE-Institute.

In the same year he founded the Dark-Rock-Band beyond the void, which should become his passion for the following years. Dominik was not only the Lead-Guitarist and Songwriter of the band, but also produced and mixed the three albums in his fast-growing project-studio.

In 2002 Dominik was accepted at the University of Music Nürnberg-Augsburg where he studied the Classical Guitar. After graduating in 2006, he studied for another year at the renowned University of Music in Munich.

In 2009 Dominik teamed up with his long-time friend and fellow musician Daniel Pharos to co-found a company for soundtrack-composition: The Knights of Soundtrack were born. Since then Dominik has composed music for dozens of Game-Soundtracks. His music for the Adventure-Game “A new beginning” was awarded Best Soundtrack 2010 (German Developer Award).

In 2015 Dominik left the Knights of Soundtrack to work for Dynamedion, Germany´s Leading Soundtrack-Company for Video-Games. His music can be licensed via Dynamedions music-library “Sonic Liberty”.